I was born in the former USSR and immigrated to Brooklyn, New York when I was a small girl. I’ve been writing ever since I coerced my parents into buying me a Hello Kitty diary when I was seven.

I majored in Creative Writing at Emerson College. After graduating I moved to London, because why not, and lived there for a year-and-a-half. When I returned to New York, I worked at a literary agency (Trident Media Group), then at HarperCollins, neither of which mapped out a clear career path for me, but did help me accumulate a staggering collection of books. Later on, I held positions as social media lead at Marvel, Google and MRY (an agency where I worked on brands including Visa, Neutrogena, and Focus Features).

In 2014, I decided it was time to follow the Big Dream and pursue writing full-time. After getting married by Elvis in Vegas (true story), I quit my job and moved out of NYC to the suburbs, where I now live with my husband. I’ve finished several novels since then. I maintain a personal blog in which I transcribe my old diaries, which caught some national TV attention in 2015. I’ve also blogged for Quirk Books, xoJane.com, Marvel.com, and Google. When not writing, I enjoy tackling that ever-growing book collection, being a dog mom to our White Shepherd (Agent Dale) Cooper, knitting, and managing my overflowing Netflix and DVR queues.

I write upmarket/literary fiction and am currently a book coach/editor at Author Accelerator.

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