M brunette looking downAfter immigrating from the former USSR with my parents at age four, I grew up in Brooklyn. Learning English was easy thanks to Sesame Street and Wheel of Fortune (at one point in my childhood, I refused to answer to any name except for “Vanna White” because I thought it was the coolest name in the world). When I was seven, I coerced my parents into buying me a Hello Kitty diary, and I’ve been writing ever since.

I majored in Creative Writing at Emerson College in Boston. After graduating, I moved to London, because why not, and lived there for a year-and-a-half, where I picked up a lot of goofy slang and a taste for tea. Back in New York, I worked at a literary agency (Trident Media Group), then at HarperCollins, which helped me accumulate a staggering collection of books. Later on, I held positions as social media lead at Marvel, Google, and MRY. In 2014, I decided it was time to follow the Big Dream and pursue writing full-time. After getting married in Vegas by Elvis (true story), I quit my job and moved out of NYC to the suburbs, where I now live with my husband and high-maintenace-but-loveable dog. I’ve worked on several novels since then and have have plans for many more. In 2015, a personal blog in which I transcribed my old diaries caught some national TV attention (it’s not every day you have Neil Patrick Harris reenacting your embarrassing teenage moments). I’ve also blogged for Quirk Books, xoJane.com, Marvel.com, and Google. Currently, I’m a book coach/editor at Author Accelerator.

I write upmarket/literary fiction that tends to be left of center and flirt with multiple genres. I love all things dark, strange, and surreal, but I’m also optimistic—verging on quixotic—and a pop culture geek, so my work tends to incorporate all those elements to varying degrees. My first novel, Asleep from Day, was released January 10, 2018.

When not writing, I enjoy tackling that ever-growing book collection, hiking with Cooper, our diva White German Shepherd, listening to podcasts, knitting, playing video games that don’t require too much hand-eye coordination, and managing my overflowing Netflix and DVR queues.