Awake & Astray 

awake and astra collageAstrid can’t remember the best day of her life: yesterday.

Twenty-four-year-old Astrid O’Malley is having a rough month. While recovering from being hit by a car, she loses both her job and apartment. As she tries to rebuild her life, she’s haunted by surreal dreams and a nagging feeling there’s something she’s forgotten, something important. She begins to recall fragments of Theo, an oddly charming stranger she spent a day with—the day before her accident, which is now lost to her.

Her quest to remember and find Theo leads her to Oliver, a psychic who knows more about her than he should. She accepts his help even as she questions Oliver’s motives and fights a growing attraction to him.

In order to piece together that blank day in September, Astrid must navigate a maze of eccentric Boston nightlife, from the seedy corners of Chinatown to a drug-fueled Alice-in-Wonderland-themed party to a club where everyone dresses like the dead. In between headaches and nightmares, she struggles to differentiate between memory, fantasy, and reality, and starts to wonder if Theo really exists. Eventually, she’ll need to choose between continuing her search for him or following her growing feelings for Oliver. Astrid will go to extreme lengths to find what she’s lost… or lose even more in her pursuit to remember (like her sanity).

AWAKE AND ASTRAY is upmarket fiction complete at 91,000 words. The story is told in two alternating narratives: the protagonist’s present day and her flashbacks. It may appeal to fans of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Memento with its emphasis on the unreliable nature of memory.


Avira CollageWelcome to Avira, a remote island resort off the coast of Peru with two specialties: sex and suicide…

AVIRA is upmarket fiction, told through a dual POV.

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